One of the many ways Boulder Falls Maintenance has helped keep lawns all around the Vancouver, Washington area green and healthy for over ten years is by thatching. Is your yard in need of our thatching services? We can help you determine whether or not your lawn needs thatching, and take care of it for you in a professional and timely manner.

What is Thatch?

When homeowners examine their grass, most see only the green shoots of grass, and fail to notice thatch, a layer of built-up plant matter (sloughed off roots, shoots, and leaves) that lays at the foot of the shoots just above the roots and soil. While some thatch is helpful for protecting the roots, excessive thatch begins to form a barrier, preventing water, oxygen, and nutrients from permeating the ground. In addition to preventing things beneficial for the roots to penetrate, this dense layer of living and dead organic matter also can harbor harmful things like insects and diseases. This is why regular thatching is a necessary step to take for the health of your lawn.

When should I have Boulder Falls Maintenance Thatch my Lawn?

Some indications that you should have our crews thatch your lawn are:
1) Your lawn looks green, but it is only green on top. Underneath, it is brown or looks dead or “scalped” when mown.
2) Your lawn is off-color, thin, and it’s impossible to see bare earth between plants. Instead of dirt, you see a mat of fibrous plant material–thatch.
3) Any time you see the tell-tale mat of fibrous plant material where you should see soil—even if your lawn looks fairly healthy.
When the thatch is deeper than a ½’ thickness, you’ll want to have it removed. To measure the depth of the thatch in your lawn, remove a plug of the lawn. Measure the layer of thatch between the top growth (the shoots) and the root zone. If it is thicker than ½”, call our professional landscapers to quickly and effectively remove the thatch, and restore and rejuvenate your lawn.
Typically, you will only need to have your lawn thatched about every two to three years for maximum health of your grass.

What are some factors that contribute to Lawn Thatch?

Contrary to popular belief, it is untrue that lawn clippings contribute to thatch–in fact, lawn clippings quickly break down and contribute valuable nutrients to the soil. Instead, thatch is caused by a variety of factors: rapid growth caused by over-watering or over-fertilizing and soil conditions such as heavy, wet, alkaline, or compacted soils. If you live in the Vancouver area and aren’t sure of the proper amount of fertilization or water, or don’t know the pH levels of your soil or the kind of grass you have growing, we at Boulder Falls Maintenance can help you determine that information and plan and implement a  course of action to make your lawn lush and healthy.

In addition to thatching, consider using our landscaping crews to aerate your lawn for optimal root systems and soil health. When used in conjunction with aerating, thatching provides even more benefits—no more crowded root systems, run-off, and nutrient- starved grass. Instead, your lawn will be better than ever!

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