Snow removal Vancouver WA

Yard maintenance in the winter is tricky business, but Boulder Falls Maintenance is up to the task. When the cold wind blows we are available for de-icing, snow removal, shoveling, and snow blowing.

Custom Pre-Arranged Snow/Ice Removal

When the snow starts falling, you can know your driveway will be accessible. Once two inches of snow has accumulated in your area, we will dispatch someone to remove your snow. We’ll keep coming back every 8 hours until it stops snowing or we reach your pre-arranged budget limit. Customers with a pre-arranged snow/ice removal plan will get priority over other customers.


Service Price
De-icing $30.00 per man hour + chemicals
Snow Shoveling $30.00 per man hour
Snow Blowing $125.00 per man hour

Our snow blowers can handle 4′ x 2.5′ deep as fast as an average lawn mower, so it may be more cost effective than having someone remove the snow manually.

Give the Gift of Year-Round Yard Maintenance

Looking for the perfect gift this holiday season? Give the gift that keeps giving while saving money. Contact us to get your customized year-round yard maintenance plan for an affordable price.

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