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Turf Maintenance

Lawns will be mowed to a maximum height of 1 1/2 to 3 inches in hot weather so as to promote faster photosynthesis and good root development. In cooler weather, like we regularly experience in Vancouver WA throughout Fall, Winter, and Spring, the mowing height will be lowered so the grass will dry faster in the morning. Lawn areas will be edged at every other mowing (each time if necessary). A mulching mower will be used to recycle grass clippings whenever possible.

Lawn areas will be provided three to six fertilizer applications per year.

Appropriate herbicides will be applied as necessary. Foreign grass spray and over seeding are performed in the spring.

Fertilizing (Shrubs and ground cover)

Plants will be fertilized twice a year with a balanced fertilizer. The rate will depend on the size and age of the plant. Fertilizer will be spread evenly on the surface out to the drip line.

Note: The watering in of this fertilizer should be done by the homeowner as soon as possible.

Not sure what fertilizer to use for your landscaping project? Read our article on fertilizer.


Except for desired hedges, or to conform to design intent, all pruning and thinning plants will be done so that the natural shapes are retained. If previous maintenance practice has been to shear and ball, then the natural shape will be restored gradually.

Plants overhanging passageways and parking areas, and damaged plants will be pruned as needed.

Note: Pruning on trees taller than 10 feet must be performed by a tree service with specialized equipment and training.


Leaves and other debris in landscaped areas will be removed regularly.

Weed Control

Weeds are a major problem if not kept under control. A program to control weeds, to eliminate damages caused by hand weeding, and to promote fast coverage will be conducted as follows:

Clean out existing weeds, preferably using selective, systemic herbicides. Hand removal if necessary.

Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to stop germinating weeds.

Spot kill weeds that still germinate.

Annual Flowers

Annuals can be furnished and planted by Boulder Falls Inc. Usually, this work would be done in spring, late summer, and/or fall with owner approval for payment.

Because of the fine detail involved in keeping annual flowers looking fresh and presentable, an additional charge for maintenance will be assessed. These costs will include the following:
– Fertilization of annuals to ensure growth and fullness throughout the season.
– Deadheading, pinching and pruning of the annuals to help promote continuous development of new blossoms and uniform growth.

Note: A watering schedule must be maintained by the homeowner.

Insect and Disease Control

We will inspect plants for insect and disease infestation. Boulder Falls Inc. is not responsible for damage. If strict control is desired, it is recommended that the owner contract with a spray company.


Repairs and maintenance of the irrigation system are the sole responsibility of the owner. At the client’s request, we will perform necessary repairs to make system operable, repairs to be billed at current labor rate plus parts and materials.

Damages to the system, which result from Boulder Falls Inc. operators, will be repaired without charge.

Failures in irrigation components due to other causes such as weakening, vandalism, and accidents caused by others, etc. will be reported to owner and remedied after approval of payment for the service.

Watering of plants will be the owner’s responsibility, unless otherwise stated in agreement.

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